Our Commitment

Wahl, as an ethical global manufacturer and distributor of electrical appliances, realizes the environment is a key stakeholder, along with our customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, communities, and countries where we do business.

  • We are genuinely committed to reducing our impact on the environment.
  • We will strive to define world-class best environmental impact practices and achieve ambitious targets.
  • We will continually reduce energy used and materials consumed throughout our end-to-end supply chain processes.
  • We will set a good example to our stakeholders by actively promoting sustainability, recycling, and using environmentally friendly materials wherever practical.
  • We are committed as Environmental Stewards and promote recycling including batteries and electronic hardware as Universal Waste rather than disposal as hazardous waste. This also reduces natural resources demand and removes toxins from the solid waste stream. Please join us in the vital effort and recycle.

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Capturing the Power of the Sun

Wahl has gone solar. From solar powered lights in the drive to Photo-voltaic panels on the roof of a new addition Wahl demonstrates it's commitment to going Green.

6 new solar lights were added to the drive leading to the back parking lot. Whether it is raining, snowing or overcast, these lights will illuminate the drive both for cars and pedestrians.

A Photo-voltaic (PV) system consisting of 2400 Solar panels covers the roof of a new addition in Sterling, IL. The system operates by attracting sunlight to the solar panels then converts it into electricity. Both the lights and the PV system reflect both Wahl's commitment to it's employees and community and it's dedication to the environment.

Having the courage to do the right things for both the environment and the employees is a big factor in Wahl's leap into solar.

Seeing WHITE is Truly Seeing GREEN

August 2010: Wahl is more GREEN because it went "WHITE". Two of the main reasons to White Coat a roof are to extend the life of the roof and to reflect solar radiation which will lower energy usage. The temperature of a dark roof can reach 180°F on a sunny day with no wind. While a white roof can reflect up to 80% of the solar radiation, therefore it is significantly cooler. Wahl estimates a 16% reduction of energy usage from it's A/C units.

Let it rain

An Eco- Friendly Source of Water. This past summer a rain barrel was acquired to facilitate watering of plantings near the main entrance of the building. Employees, during their breaks, have taken turns watering. Plants are doing fine, potable water is being saved.

Let it charge

Hybrid Vehicle added to Wahl Fleet… A Hybrid passenger car replaced a mini van that is used to transport employees to and from airports and other business related trips

A Proud Bunch of Tree Huggers

Wahl's "Green Team" was formed in June 2007. The team is 16 members strong, but in reality, everyone at the Sterling, IL location is a member of the team.

Let's walk it off

Wahl employees enjoy a one mile walking path. Increased productivity as well as less time off of work due to health issues are but a couple of the benefits of Wahl's on premises walking path. During breaks Wahl employees are often seen putting in their miles, getting beneficial exercise and returning to work refreshed and more productive.

Let it grow

Less blacktop more prairie! A natural prairie was added to an area located between a parking lot and a main highway. With over 50 plantings inclusive of Prairie and Buffalo grasses this area now serves as a natural water shed as well as buffers noise and vehicle exhausts from a busy highway.

This prairie is in addition to a much larger prairie that has been on the property for several years. Greg Wahl, CEO and President of Wahl, being an avid supporter of Natural Prairie's has himself devoted weekends fostering the Natural Prairie areas on the Wahl property and surrounding locations in the Sauk Valley. Total area on Wahl property devoted to Prairie now 4.25 acres!

Let there be light

A major upgrade in the lighting at Wahl saves 30,000 Kwh per year. During 2009, the overhead lights in Wahl's repair center were replaced with high efficiency florescent lighting which is estimated to save 30,000 Kwh per year. Motion sensor lights in warehouses save energy as well.

In other parts of the Sterling facility another 37,000 kwh/yr is being saved by eliminating unnecessary lighting.

The heat is on

A heat exchanger connected to a chilling fixture allows for efficient and automatic exchanges of warm air. The warm air is vented outside in the summer and vented inside in the winter to help heat the manufacturing plant.

Paper reduction and recycling in vogue at Wahl Sterling Facility

  • 500 Pounds of "greenbar" paper usage per year has been eliminated after employees reviewed their requirements or transferred data to digital files.
  • Office Recycling has resulted in 12.5 tons of waste papers, 900 pounds of aluminum cans and 5,700 pounds of plastic bottles collected for re-use per year
  • Manufacturing Recycling has resulted in over 26 tons of metals, plastics and paper boards collected for re-use

Recycled packaging

In an effort to reduce the amount of paper and paperboard used in our packaging, Wahl has started to use FSC certified paperboard backers containing recycled content for some products. This is saving 285 trees a year or 41 Tons of paper a year.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organization that promotes responsible, ethical management of the world's forests.

WAHL shows it's commitment to the environment and natural resources.

It IS easy being Green

Especially at WAHL WAHL CELEBRATES EARTH WEEK Wahl Clipper Corporation '"Where Everyday is Earth Day"

Wahl is planning some exciting events for its employees in recognition of Earth Week April 19th - 22nd

Monday April 19th - The Maintenance Dept will be planting a tree and other plants on the Wahl Property.

Tuesday April 20th - Water Bottle Exchange Day. Wahl will be handing out Recycled PBA free bottles for use at work.

Wednesday April 21st - Bag Exchange Day. A bundle of plastic throw away bags can be exchanged for a recycled, reusable grocery tote!

Thursday April 22nd - Earth Day — Wahl Clean-up day. Wahl volunteers will clean the property around Wahl's facility and the adjoining properties.

April 19th - 22nd - During Earth Week, Employees are encouraged to find alternative means of transportation, like public transportation, carpooling, or bicycling.