Our Commitment

Wahl, as an ethical global manufacturer and distributor of electrical appliances, realizes the environment is a key stakeholder, along with our customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, communities, and countries where we do business.

  • We are genuinely committed to reducing our impact on the environment.
  • We will strive to define world-class best environmental impact practices and achieve ambitious targets.
  • We will continually reduce energy used and materials consumed throughout our end-to-end supply chain processes.
  • We will set a good example to our stakeholders by actively promoting sustainability, recycling, and using environmentally friendly materials wherever practical.
  • We are committed as Environmental Stewards and promote recycling including batteries and electronic hardware as Universal Waste rather than disposal as hazardous waste. This also reduces natural resources demand and removes toxins from the solid waste stream. Please join us in the vital effort and recycle.

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Acts of Corporate Responsibility - to view the initiatives and acts of responsibility we have taken on as we strive to fulfill our responsibility to the communities of the world. 

Cuts for a Cause - a place where the tools we use to look good helps those in need look up. Whether you’re organizing a haircutting event for charity or participating in one, we can help.


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Phakamisa, meaning “to lift up”, is the name of a program instituted by Wahl aimed at providing barbering training as a way to uplift segments of the community in need.  Candidates who pass an initial screening participate in in training courses held at local churches and upon graduation are given the supplies to become a self employed street barber. 

Wahl Clipper (Pty) Ltd has instituted as part of its social responsibility programme a barbering training model to uplift segments of the community in need. This model suits individuals who may find getting formal employment difficult due to being a student, illiteracy, being an ex-offender or a parolee.

The aim is to train and supply a start-up business for street barbering whereby the individual is self-employed. Twelve training modules held every second week by a qualified barber or salon owner is undertaken in the premises of a local church.

Candidates are screened prior to acceptance, must be of sober habits, drug free and self-motivated. A basic business plan of how they intend to implement this business in a suitable location must also be forthcoming.

 (This is very basic plan (hand written or even verbal) to test the commitment of the candidate. They can get assistance to put their thoughts and ideas on paper.

Phakamisa has been joint initiative through two local churches and is usually facilitated by a nominated person to oversee the project.

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Cansa Shavathon

With Cansa Shavathon Wahl shares expenses on certain items such as capes and bibs specially printed for the event. Also Wahl 

discounts product that they sell enabling Cansa Shavathon to fund raise.  Wahl services all the Shavathon clippers annually and does blade replace

ment when necessary for free.

During their marketing campaign Wahl gives prizes for radio competitions. There is also a national awareness campaign created through the media





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Wahl supports SUMO, a Brazilian organization that is committed to social responsibility as a means to promote sustainable development, health, and the well-being of society. 

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Donating to Those Who ServeDonating to Those Who Serve

Wahl gives clippers to organizations serving the social good in Brazil.  Those in psychiatric wards, recovering drug addicts, stray and abused animals, and the physically disabled have all received haircuts from organizations to which Wahl donated clippers. 


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Hair Aid

  Changing Lives Through Teaching Others with Hair Aid

Aid is not for profit organization that focuses on providing hair cutting training in order to provide livelihood skills to low-income individuals and families in Quezon City, Philippines.  This initiative is designed to create the opportunity for street families and people living in shanty towns and slum areas in Quezon City to learn a livelihood skill that can be used immediately after the five day training program to earn money.

Since 2012, Wahl has provided Hair Aid with hair clippers.  This allows Hair Aid to carry out their mission and vision to empower street people with skills in haircutting enabling them to earn a living to buy food, water and provide shelter for themselves and their children.

Using donated Wahl hair clippers, Hair Aid successfully provided haircutting training to forty families in 2012, eighty families in 2013, and seventy-seven families in 2015. 

If you would like to learn more about Hair Aid and their haircutting training effort visit their website at www.hairaid.org.au.



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Aiding Disaster Relief

After the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami, Wahl donated to disaster relief through its retail and  wholesale partners as well as a partner barber association.  Donations included cash, ChromStyle hair clippers, and Super Taper hair clippers. 

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​Giving to Charity

Each year in the United Kingdom, Wahl donates cash to causes and charities local to the UK office such as Pilgrims Hospices.  This is in addition to support aimed at external fundraising for Pilgrims Hospices.  Wahl also supports Red Nose Day and Jeans for Genes.